Food Tech Section A Pastaaa

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Everything about Pasta

What is Pasta?

Flour/semolina - main substance/ingredient of pasta product, forms gluten when mixed with water producing stronger dough, and giving it more elasticity.

Water - to make it possible to shape

Egg - different colour and flavour and also as a binder and improves the elasticity

Hand made pasta

Flour/ Semolina-Durum Wheat + Water + Egg = Pasta

Once kneaded and cut into shapes using a die, it can either be used straight away or dried beforehand. You can add colours and flavourings to the actual pasta.You can flavour pasta’s using mushroom, spinach, beetroot,




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Thank you! Do you know if we need to make the pasta itself in Section A of the test when we write up the making stages? **



I'm not sure :S sorry ** hope this helped though :)

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