outremers problems post third crusade

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kingdom of Jerusalem

issue: huge amounts of territory remained lost 

however: significant territorial gains had been by thethird crusade 

however: the kingdom united with jerusalem, after the death of henry, Isabella marriered aimery who was in charge of cyprus so the two were now connected 

however: the german crusade strengthened the kingdom further. 1197 holy roman emperor launched the crusade. recaptured beirut and sidon, before signing a truce

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principality of Antioch

issue: armenian cilicia established independance from antioch. 1198 leo was recognised as the first independant king of armenia by the pope

issue: upheaval during the anitochene wars of succession 1201-19. Bohemmond needed to protect his city against repeated attacks from leo

20 year way- instability 

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muslim syria

strenght: the ayyubid was less of a threat under saladins successors 

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