Musical Vocabulary

Some musical vocab fro music exams.

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When describing the Melody:



-Scalic (using the notes next to each other)

-Leaping Melody

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When describing the Harmony:




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When describing the Texture:

-Melody Dominated Homophony (melody and accompaniment)

-Homophony: Same rhythm.


-Polyphonic (many different instruments playing different melodies at the same time)

-Contraputnal (two or three lines that work against each other, usually with imitation)

-Monophonic: One part or idea only.

-Hetreophony: Different ornamented versions of the melody.

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When describing the Instruments:

-Electric Guitar: Plug in

-Accoustic: Steel string/brighter

-Classical: Nylon string/duller

Pizzicato:Pluck with finger
Arco: Using the bow
Collegno: Hair and Wood
Muted: change sound/duller

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When describing the Rhythm:

-Metre/time signature




-What beat does it land on?

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