Music GCSE Listening Tests - SW1 and 5

This document includes example questions for Set Work 1 and 5 from the 2009 Edexcel Music specification.

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Music GCSE ­ Practice Questions
Section A Set Works 1 and 5
Use black ink only.
You must only write on the file paper provided.
You must have a score handout with this worksheet for question four.
`And the Glory of the Lord' ­ Handel
1. Listen to (00:00-00:20) three times, and answer the following questions:
a. Name the instrument, which plays the continuo. (1)
b. Name two other different stringed instruments in the accompaniment. (2)
c. Circle the cadence that ends the full choir's of `And the Glory of the Lord' in the
beginning section (1): plagal interrupted perfect imperfect
d. The first idea follows after the introduction. Briefly describe using correct musical
vocabulary, how the other instruments accompany the theme tune. (2)
e. Describe the end of the piece in terms of tonality and development of texture
(2:32-2:52). Listen to the extract once only. (2)
(Total Marks for Question 1 = 8)
2. Listen to the selected excerpt two times each:
a. Listen to (00:45-1:13) to answer the next three questions. Name the country that
this piece is from. (1)
b. Name the first vocal part to sing the third idea, and the vocal part that quickly follows
this. (2)
c. Circle the musical cadence that best describes the end of the extract: (1)
Plagal imperfect perfect interrupted
d. Listen to (1:26-1:50) to answer the following two questions. Briefly describe how the
texture varies in this extract. (2)
e. What key is the music at this point in the extract? What key is the piece modulated
into at the end of the extract and how is this achieved? (3)
(Total Marks for Question 2 = 9)

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Somethings Coming' ­ Bernstein
3. Listen to 0:00-1:46 twice to answer this question.
a. What are the differences in the A and B section in terms of the following:
i. Tonality beginning each section (2)
ii. General metre used for each section (2)
b. Circle three rhythmic devices used in this piece: (3)
Syncopation mono-rhythm compound time diminution
off-beat complexity
c.…read more


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