Handel section B essay - Good example

    Read through this essay. Highlight the musical vocabulary used and decide what you think the mark for this would be (out of 10).

    Comment on how Handel uses the following elements in And the glory of the Lord.

·         Melody

·         Harmony and Tonality

·         Dynamics

·         Texture

·         Mood

Remember to use correct musical vocabulary where appropriate.

In terms of melody, Handel uses a variety of techniques to ensure the music is interesting. Different parts in the piece will double up to play the same melody especially the voice parts. This is known as doubling which makes that melody sound stronger and adds emphasis. Another technique used is imitation where different parts play the same melodic arrangement at different times. These motifs can be sequenced up or down a note. Further to this, the vocal parts are set to the music in different ways. Syllabic word setting is used where every syllable is set to a note. Contrary to this, some syllables are melismatic and are sung over a variety of notes.

Two things that coincide in this piece are tonality and harmony. It is in A major and E major using modulation to change between the two. Modulating creates an uplifting feel during the progression of the song. This feeling is reinforced by the use of cadences. Switching from the dominant chord to the tonic chord creates a perfect cadence which makes a phrase or piece sound finished. It makes it feel as though it has an easing harmony that…


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