Vocabulary for Area of Study 4 - Music - Edexcel

Heres a summary of all the words that will come up in your textbook, exam and other stuff, its porbs a good idea to learn them, expesh the spelling of the indian words.

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Vocabulary for Area of Study 4 ­ World Music
Skye Waulking Song by Capercaillie (folk pop)
Oral Tradition A tradition which is passed on by word of mouth or imitation rather
than by written means (no sheet music)
Protest songs Folk songs with political lyrics against something (protesting
against it)
Fusion a mingling or blending together of more than one musical style or
culture to create a new "fused" sound (Folk and western Pop)
Heterophonic two or more parts playing the same line simultaneously with
small variations between the parts
Rag Desh (Indian)
Gharana Indian system of master-pupil teaching
Raga Improvised music in several contrasting sections, based on a
series of notes from a particular rag
Pentatonic scale A scale built on 5 notes of the scale on the first, 2nd, 3rd, 5th and 6th
degrees of the scale.
Rasa Mood created by the sounds of the pitches in a particular rag
Bols In a tala, these are the independent rhythm parts that go against the
main beat of the cycle creating exciting syncopations
Matras Individual beats in a rhythmic cycle
Sam The first beat of the rhythmic cycle
syncopations Notes accented off the beat. The weak part of the beat is often
Teental/Tintal Common 16-beat rhythmic cycle
Alap The opening unmetered and improvised section of a raga (our
Bandish The last section of a vocal raga
Gat Final section of an instrumental raga
Jhalla The third section of a raga normally fast and lively
Jhor The 2nd section of a raga which is a medium tempo with some
Meend/mind The sliding effects between notes
Tan Rapid scalic flourishes on a string instrument
Timbre Particular tone colour of an instrument or voice

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Bansuri Indian flute without keys
Shenai A double reed Indian instrument, similar to the western oboe
Yiri by Koko (African)
Djembe Goblet-shaped drum from west Africa
Donno Hourglass-shaped "talking drum"
Dundun Double headed drum played with sticks (lots of sizes)
Cross-rhythms Rythmes that literally cross the usual parttern of accented
and unaccented beats creating irrefular accents and
syncopated effects
Oral tradition A tradition which is passed on by word of mouth or imitation rather
than by written means (no sheet music)
Polyrhythmic A texture made…read more


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