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Set Work 8: `Grace' by Jeff Buckley


Understand the background to rock and pop in the 1990s.
To know key information about `Grace' as well as Jeff Buckley.
To be able to analyse `Grace', looking at detailed aural analysis.


Make notes on `Rock and Pop in the early…

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`Grace' by Jeff Buckley

Rock and Pop Music in the early 1990s

At this stage, there were still many of the giants of the music industry releasing albums
including U2, Metallica and Pink Floyd.
The hip-hop scene was diverging from the more sanitised music artists to heavily censored
ones. With…

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At the age of 19, he started to attend the Musicians Institute in Hollywood.

By 1990 he decided to head to New York.

In New York, Jeff played in punk and reggae bands, but was also exposed to a Pakistani devotional
music known as `Qawwali', which he loved, and so…

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iii) Tempo Markings: 64 crotchet bbp, quite slow ­ moderato

iv) Dynamics: Get Louder ­ Mid 8 loudest, final section (section 4) is loudest due to texture.


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