Music AOS3 Set work 3

Electronica/ Club dance music

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Club dance music Key features

Started in 1970s.  Electronic.  Strong beat + steady tempo

Synthesizers, Sequencers + Samplers used.

Sequencers= Computer software. MIDI recording + playback device. Tells MIDI instruments what to do.

Samplers= Take samples which can be altered + looped

Panning= Changes which speaker the music comes from

Reverb= Change in acoustics

Phaser= 'Whooshing' sound

EQ= Removes a certain frequency

Sub bass= Bass line lower than normal

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Why does my heart feel so bad? from Play- Moby

Moby is American.    Play was released in 1999.    4th track on album.

Samples taken from 1950s Gospel choir + hip-hop drumbeat

Synthesized strings, sub bass, piano (panning used), drums (backbeat sample), voice (samples) + synth organ (last 8 bars only)

Verse-chorus structure with breakdown- one bar of silence

Looping, reverb, EQ + delay used.    Syncopation used in piano mainly.

Instrumentation + texture builds up.  Texture becomes thinner after breakdown.   Diatonic harmony. 

Verses are A Dorian mode. Use Am, Em, G + D chords- each for 2 bars

'These open doors' uses C + Am chords

'These open doors' looped uses F + C chords

Choruses are in C major.           It is in 4/4.        Crotchet = 98.

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