AOS4 - Key words (Capercaillie, India Music & Koko)

AOS4 key words. 

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Skye Waulking Song ­ Capercaille
Oral Tradition Learning songs by hearing and repeating them. These songs
are often never written down in note form.
Waulking Song A song sung to ensure worked stayed in time with each other
when working.
Waulking A type of tweed material.
Fusion Blending together more than one musical style's to create a
new 'fused' style.
Heterophonic Two or more parts playing at the same melody, at the same
Texture time, with slight variations.

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Rag Desh
Gharana Indian system of mater-pupil teaching.
Raga A set of notes (between 5 and 8) which create a particular
mood. These scales are what Raga performances are based on.
Raga Performance Improvised music based on a series of notes from a particular
Pentatonic scale A scale built on 5 notes ­ 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 6th.
Rasa The mood created by the sounds of the pitches in a particular
rag.…read more

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Cross Rhythms Rhythms which cross the normal pattern of accented notes.
This creates irregular accents and syncopation.
Oral Tradition Learning songs by hearing and repeated them. These songs are
often never written down.
Polyrhythmic A texture made up of many different rhythms.
Tone Language Words made up of only a few pitches. The pitch levels
determine the meaning of the words.
Membranophones Category of instruments that have skins/membranes.
Vocables Nonsense words.…read more


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