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Music: AOS 4 ­ Indian Raga, African Music and Fusions

Indian Music

Indian Classical Music is based on a single melodic line (either sung of played). This is scalic
and is made up of ascending or descending notes in a specific order. This series of notes is
a raga. Ragas…

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African Music

African Drums are widely used instruments in Africa, as they are used as an accompaniment
for singing, dancing and working. They also used, as church bells are, to communicate and
call people together for weddings and funerals. There is often a master drummer who leads
the music by…

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Songs are used in Africa in all aspects of everyday life. Songs at a tempo to match work are
used to aid physical labour. This is how whispering music ­ isicathamiga, developed in
mines so that workers could discretely entertain themselves. Singing is also used in
lullabies, counting songs, drinking…

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Rage-based Melodies
Talas and Bols

Bollywood is the name given to Hindi films made in Mumbai. They have certain features:

Musicals ­ Bollywood films always have music in them.
Pre-recorded Songs ­ recorded by professional singers who then lip-sync with
the actors.
Soundtracks are released before the film ­ this…


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