Music AOS2 Set work 3


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Musicals Key features

1920s onwards

Lighter versions of opera often with jazz influences.              Singable...

Incidental music= background music.

Diatonic= major or minor

Simple structure: Intro, Chorus, Verse x2, Middle 8, Chorus x2, Outro

32- bar song form (see above)

Hook= Catchy line which is repeated

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Something's Coming from Westside story- Leonard Be

Leonard Bernsein was American.  Written in 1957.

Set in 1950s New York.  Similar to Romeo + Juliet.   Jazz influenced.

For a big orchestra with sax's, piano, electric guitar, mandolin + celeste

Tony's voice is tenor-solo.  He is excited about the future- shown by tempo + syncopation

In 3/4 but changes to 2/4 a few times.        Cross-rhythms + Appoggiaturas used

Accented off- beats.              Immitation used.                 Ostinati used.

In D major- happy. Contrasting sections in C major.      Melody is almost entirely syllabic.

Tritones (devil in music) + last note is flattened 7th (unresolved) show that something bad will happen later in story

Crotchet= 176.     Homophonic texture.

Soft timbres- muted trumpets + pizzicato strings.

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