Mozart- Symphony no. 40 in G Minor- 1788

AoS1 Edexcel GCSE Music revision notes for the set piece. I hope it helps you with your revision!! :D

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Chamber Orchestra

No percussion

Only French Horns in the brass section

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Mostly homophonic

Melody with an accompaniment but with counterpoint/imitation in the development section.

Octaves doubling and dialogue between the woodwind and strings in the 2nd section.

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Molto Allegro


Simple quadruple time (4/4)

Anacrusis, short rhythmic pattern repeated for unity.

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Sonata Form- Exposition (2 sections), Development and recapitulation (2 sections, coda and perfect cadence.)



Question and answer phrases.

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Simple and clear. Development- Chromatic harmonies are used.

Diatonic and functional harmony.

Circle of 5th's and pedal notes used.


Starts in G Minor. 2nd section in relative major.

Development explores different keys

Recap is all in G Minor.

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Begins Piano- Unusual for a Classical Symphony

Transition- Loud with sfz in 2nd subject, quiet then crescendo.

Development- Quiet, loud, quiet

Recap- Similar to start mostly immediate dynamics.

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Nelly Barnes

are these like the most important parts of this song?


Hi Nelly yes they are the key points that you need to know for each set work!


Great work. Maybe you make it clearer what the most important parts of the song are. Also maybe make them into flip cards!


Thanks you Luke. I'm glad to know that these resources have been of use to you and hope you ace the exam :D :D woooo!!

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