Millennium development Goals

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Millennium develpoment goals

  • The Millennium Development Goals were put forward by the united nations in 2000
  • The declaration stated that nations worldwide must reduce extreme poverty 
  • The Millennium development goals are a set of time-bound targets that all countries must achieve by 2015.

This includes;

  • Reducing extreme hunger 
  • achive primary universal eduction
  • Gender equality/empowerment of women
  • reduce child mortality
  • improve maternl health
  • Reduce HIV/AIDS
  • evnironment sustainablity
  • global partnership for development



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Was it a success?

Has it been succesful?


  • From 1990-2002 the global economic income rose by 21%
  • Life expectancy rose from 63yrs-65yrs
  • 8% of developing world gained acess to clean water
  • child mortality rates fell from 103 to 88 (out of 1000) 
  • In Ugandan parliment 30% are females
  • Primary shools are now free
  • Asia is making the most progress 


  • Sub-Suahara African is struggling the most and failed to reach most of the goals, with high foos insecurity and extreme poverty. Also high levels of child mortality
  • Middle East, North africa and Latin America have made slow progress
  • many rural areas continue to experience extreme poverty 
  • Most developed countries fail to reah the 'environmental sustainablilty' goal
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