The Amazon and Millennium Goals

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latinamericaupdate i g h t p o v e r i y ,r e d u c eh u n g e r d
s r r s r a i n a h.l .vA. r r h es t a r r
millennlum, world leadersadoptedeight
, evelop
of thenew
goals for improvingpeople's lives(Inset1).
.;+ $,,:
F"l"i ;t j uj''.i ,,''i
u:t,j Thrgets weresetfor 2015. It is already 2008,
and it seems 1ike1y that thesegoalswill not
be met.
Brazilis an'upper middleincome'coun-
try and the condition of poor people in
Brazl.hasbegun to improve,yet it is sti11
one of the most unequalcountriesin the
,' world. BraziT may not achievethe Millen-
nium targets for its people because of
poverty in its northeasland Amazonstates
(Figure 1). This Updatelooks at the UN
Millennium targetsfor poverty, disease,
education and environmental sustainability
for the 22.5million peopleof the states of
lhe BrazlTianAmazon. (Other Latin Amer-
ican countries also have Amazonianlent-
tory, but this Updateonly refers to Brazil's
':,: | ' ,. ,
:',,-: ,,.,, r.1....,
BraziT'sAmazonian statesscorewell below
its averagein terms of progress in poverty
reduction, child and malernal mortality,
sanitation,malaria, HIV/AIDSandsecond-
ary education, eventhougharcund700/o of
r; ::,. the populationis urban and has quite good
F;-i'.t;.;,, .1;
Children of migrant farmers in a small physical access to services.In the rural
school in the forest, Slash and burnl' areasof the Amazonconditionsare worse.
farmers moue on avery few yearc and In urban areaspeople live mainiy by
-their children receiuelittle education providing servicesfor eachother and for
tourists.InrtraT areasemploymentis in
mining, logging,ranching and agriculture,
both largeand small scale, 1egaland illegal.
.GUYANA The Brazrlian Amazon occuples about
, ._-suRlNAM 5 million km2, eqtal to the combinedterri-
tory of 25 Etnopeancountrles.This is the
largestareaof surviving tropical rainforest
COLOMBI.A on the planet (30%o). It has a major influ-
ence on both the regionaland the giobai
ATLANTIC climate,andholds carbonstocksof around
120billion tonnes.Thx incentives, how-
ever, favour pasture over natural forest,
T h eU N M i l l e n n i u m
Development Goals
Goal1 Eradicateextremepovertyandhunger
Goal2 Achieve primary
universal education
Goal3 Promotegenderequality and em-
power women
Goal4 Reduce childmortality
aai .
"e. Goal5 lmprove health
B RAZI L Goal6 Combat HIV/AIDS, malariaandother
N diseases
& Goal7 Ensure environmentalsustainability
Goal8 Developa global partnership for
Eachof the goalshastargetsto be achieved
by 2015. For moreinformation see:www.
0 km 500
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Environmental sustainability
ltbout 420/o of Brazil's Amazon forest is
theoretically protected, in a vastmosaicof
conservation units under many different
sets of rules. These units are policed
by satellites. There is a shortage offunding
to police them on the ground,and bandit
loggerscorrupt some officialsand set up
fake communityorganisations. Violence
is high, conditionsof work and standards
ofliving are often appallingand poor work-
ers in effect become debt slavesif they
cannot repay loans to their employers.…read more


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