Mediating Factors

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Mediating Factors for the Impact of Day Care

Quality of Care

Good child to staff Ratio, Low Staff turnover means that children will be able to form attachments.

Lack of Committment and Interest

Day care workers cannot provide the committment and interest that parents do. Bryant et al found that children in a childminding setting were actually disturbed because childminders dont feel a need to form an attachment with a child.

Individual Differences

Insecurely attached children did better in day care as they needed compensatory care. Securely attached children did worse in day care as they didnt need compensatory care.

Childs age and number of hours

Gregg et al found there might be more negative effects when a child starts day care before 18 months. Clarke stewart found no difference in children who spent a lot of time in daycare from 3 months to those who spent little time.

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