the Social learning theory

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Key feature

Behaviour is learned through observation and imitation. Observational learning has four conditions: attention, retention, motor reproduction and motivation.

Key feature

Learning can occur by observing role models in the environment. A model is a person with whom we identify.  Models can be live (present in our environment) or symbolic (films, books etc.)

Key feature

Learning can be a result of direct reinforcement and indirect, or vicarious reinforcement (this is indirect reinforcement through observation of the consequences of other people’s actions).

Key feature

Mediating cognitive factors occur between stimulus and response. We do not observe and automatically imitate but we think about several factors before we imitate e.g. Will we be able to do it, has the model been rewarded for this behaviour?

Research study

Bandura et al is the study to support the social learning theory.

·         The aim was to demonstrate observational learning in young children.

·         The method was that Bandura showed 3-6 year old boys and girls a video of an adult acting 


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