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Social Learning Theory…read more

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What is SLT?
Bridge between behaviourist and cognitive
Takes account of social factors and mental
Focus is on observational learning in humans.…read more

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Behaviour is learned by observation and imitation.
Modelling is copying the behaviour of people with
whom we identify.
Identification = desire to be like them, desire to
imitate them.
Vicarious reinforcement = learn through
observation of the consequences for others of
their actions.
Mediating cognitive factors occur between
stimulus and response ­ think about an action
before we imitate.…read more

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Mediating cognitive factors
Occur between stimulus and response e.
g. thinking
Several factors occur before we
Stimulus cognitive Response
Someone you You think Either you follow
admire at about the or decide not to
college leaves implications of
the exam room you also
early leaving…read more

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Bandura Bobo Doll Experiment
Clip of the experiment…read more

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Four conditions of observational learning:
Attention ­ individual notices someone in their
Retention ­ individual remembers what they
Motor reproduction ­ replicates behaviour shown by
Motivation ­ demonstrates behaviour they have
observed.…read more

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