Postmodernism and Youth Cultures

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Postmodernism on Youth Cultures

  • Postmodernists argued that youth culture has become fragmented and diverse.
  • Youth styles are eclectic (-mixed of things from different sources). For example, 'Club cultures'. A research carried out by MIPS; they found that among clubbers there were youth with no clear gender, class or ethnic distinctions. 
  • Willis- argues that the 'spectacular subcultures' are gone for good. 
  • There are now many subcultures that is difficult to tell them apart (goths- emos, chavs-townies).
  • Rather than picking out one symbol, like mods or punks did, subcultures now pick and choose different symbols from different areas i.e. movies, music, magazines.
  • Thornton - club cultures are created and taken over media. 
  • Bennett- Neo-Tribes- subcultures today are 'shifting'. He attacks Marxists for grouping people by class, because many punks were middle class art students and many young people used consumer culture to break away from class identities, rather than reinforcing them. 
    Neo-tribes is a phase for a groupd of people who have loose associotions as a consumer group. They may come together occasionally, but do not have a common set of norms and values. 
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