Management Information Systems


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MIS Definition

Management Information Systems are a collection of people, procedures and resources designed to support the decisions of management.

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Example MIS

A chief executive of a supermarket chain may extract financial information to find which store is making the least money and from this sell the store to open a new one in a location from which they may profit.

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Factors which lead to a Good MIS

-Avoids information overload

-Accuracy of the data/information

-Flexibility of data analysis

-Provides data in a appropriate form

-Improves interpersonal communications amongst management and employees

-Allows individual project planning

-Accessible to a wide range of users and supports a wide range of skills and knowledge.

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Factors That Make A Bad MIS

  • Complexity of the system
  • Inadequate Initial Analysis
  • Lack of Management Involvement In Initial Design
  • Innappropriate Hardware and Software
  • Poor Communications Between Professionals
  • Lack of Professional Standards
  • Lack of Management Knowledge About Computer Systems and Their Capabilities
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