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  • Management Information Systems
    • Based upon a database
      • Designed to summarise information for managers to be able to make decisions on the future of the business
    • Collates information from a variety of sources and is able to produce summaries of this information
    • An information system (database) gives information for all users
      • An MIS is intended to give decision making information to managers
    • A decision made without appropriate information could be catastrophic for a company
      • MIS are for informing a decision rather than making decisions for the organisation
    • An MIS is essentially a database with a flexible enquiry and reporting system
      • Allows for information to be summarised and produced propmtly
        • Different formats for different needs of the manager
    • Internal and External sources are brought together by the MIS
      • They are then interrogated and produce flexible outputs for managers
    • Features of an effective MIS
      • Accessible by a wide range of users
        • Does not mean all employees
          • It is for a variety of different managers (sales, production etc.)
        • To get the best from the MIS, managers will need training
          • To know what type of information is available and how to use it
      • Gives informatin when required
        • Needs to produced infomration when needed not just to a predetermined schedule
      • Presents data in the most appropriate format
        • Often in graph/table form
          • Easiest to understand information speedily
            • Can look deeper into information if needed
        • Managers should be able to select between graph and table format
          • Also should be able to select file formats and eable data to be used in further analysis in spreadsheets or presentation
      • Includes relevant and accurate data
        • Too much information is useful as they key facts may be hidden
          • Managers need important information not just all of it
        • Accuracy can be assured by validation and verification
          • Poor accuracy could lead to wrong decisions
      • Flexibility
        • To meet different needs of differents users and requirements
        • Will need reports in different formats with different information
          • So information can be considered with different correlations
        • Intention is for information to meet manager needs
  • "An organised collection of people, procedures and resources designed to support the decisions of managers"


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