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The role of ICT in organisation

Define- the role of ICT in any organisation is to help it to achieve its aims efficiently and effectiely.

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Common ICT systems used in organisation

Payroll, Accounting, Human resource management


the administration of wages and salaries


manage financial operations of an organisation, tracking expenditure with cost centres or budgets that are monitored.

HR management

the department that deals with the management of the people who work for an organisation.

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The requirements of external agencies

Supply Chain

links between raw materials from which products are made and the customers.

Legacy systems

when an organisation invests in a new ICT system it  may not replace every part of the system and some older 'lacacy' systems may still be used.

  • Data portability= the ability to transfer data between different software packages or systems
  • Data transferbility= the anility to import dta from an old ICT system to a new one when the new one is being installed
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Types of ICT systems and their uses

  • Back office systems
  • Transaction processing systems
  • Workflow systems
  • Document magament systems
  • Systems for collaborative working
  • management information systems (MIS)
  • Decision support systems (DSS)
  • Enterprice systems
  • Customer Ralationship mnagment (CRM
  • E-commerce
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