LO 1 -Understand the concepts of equality, diversity & rights


LO 1 - Understand the concepts of equality, divers

LO 1 - understand the concepts of equality, diversity and rights and how these are applied in the context health care, social care and child care environments

  • Equality
  • Diversity
  • Rights
  • Promoting Equality & Diversity
  • Promoting individual rights and beliefs
  • Maintaining confidentiality
  • The values of care in child care services
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What is equality?

  • Ensuring people are treated fairly and equally, all individuals must be given the same choice and opportunities regardless of their specific needs and differences.
  • Not discriminating due to age, race, sexuality, disability or gender.
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What is diversity?

  • Recognising and valuing that each individual is different
  • Valuing diversity involves accepting and respecting individual differences such as religion, beliefs or race.
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Rights are what everyone is legally entitled to and are reflected in legislation such as the Equality Act.

What are the following?

  • Choice: control over what they do, promotes independence, in a care home residents can choose what activities they do.
  • Confidentiality: information should only be shared on a need-to-know basis, such as people who are directly involved with an individual's care. It can only be broken in the following situations: harm to others, harm to self, risk of being hurt by others or breaking the law.
  • Protection from abuse and harm: personal safety and welfare, safeguarding and health and safety legislation being adhered to. For example, using a hoist to lift an individual into a bath.
  • Consultation: individuals should be asked for their opinions and views about the type of care and activities they would like. For example, to ask for a same sex carer for personal care.
  • Right to life: an individual's life is protected by law, no one is allowed to harm you and you are not allowed to harm another person. For example, resuscitation.
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Promoting equality and diversity

How are equality and diversity promoted?

  • Care workers should use non discriminatory language, patients should not be patronised.
  • Provide individual care based on specific needs, such as using a Zimmer frame for someone with a disablity.
  • Any discriminatury remarks should be challenged.
  • If residents from a care home are being taken out, they should ensure there is wheelchair access where they are going.
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Promoting individual rights and beliefs

How are individual rights and beliefs promoted?

  • Care environments, such as hospitals and care homes, could provide access to a prayer room or transport to church.
  • A pregnant woman could be given a choice and asked whether she wants to give birth at hospital or home.
  • A menu could be provided which has vegetarian, gluten free or halal options could cater for different diet needs.
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Maintaining confidentiality

How is confidentiality maintained?

  • Care staff should not chat inappropriately about residents in the care home, or leaves their files lying around.
  • Documents should be locked away in a cabinet or in password protected electronic records.
  • Information should be shared on a 'need to know basis'.
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The values of care in child care services

What is included in the value making the welfare of the child paramount?

  • Using a child-centred approach where the child's needs such as being healthy, staying safe, enjoying and achieving come first.
  • Children should not be humiliated, verbally abused or smacked.

What is included in the value keeping children safe and maintaining a healthy environment?

  • Safeguarding procedures should be in place, all staff should be DBS checked.
  • Lanyards should be worn to identify staff.
  • Health and safety procedures should be followed, having regular fire drills, risk assessments and first aiders available.
  • Appropriate staff to child ratio and a bullying policy in place.
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The values of care in child care services

What is included in the value working in partnership with parents/guardians?

  • Two way relationships between parents/guardians and the care setting to get the best outcome for the child.
  • Parents have the right to play a central role in making decisions about their child's care.
  • Open days/evenings allow parents to meet staff and look around the care setting.
  • Daily diaries kept by nursery staff to keep parents/guardians informed of progress.
  • Award certificates sent home.
  • Information sessions on potty training, dealing with tantrums and picky eaters.

What is included in the value valuing diversity?

  • Toys, resources, books, DVDs and food should reflect different cultures and beliefs.
  • A range of festivals should be celebrated such as Diwali, Christmas and the Chinese New Year.
  • Meeting communication or mobility needs through sign language or a wheelchair shows all children they are valued.
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The values of care in child care services

What is included in the value encouraging children's learning and development?

  • Activites should be stimulating, interesting and suited for the child's progress and development.

What is included in the value ensuring equality of opportunity?

  • Meeting children's individual needs through cultural, religious, mobility, diet or communication.
  • Staff should follow the equal opportunites policy.
  • Activities should be accessible to all with adapted resources when required.
  • All areas should be accessible to all, through adjustible tables, wide doorways or ramps.
  • All children treated fairly with no favourites.

What is included in the value anti-discriminatory practice?

  • Staff should be good role models by using non discriminatory language, no racist or sexist comments.
  • Discrimiatory comments or behaviour should be challenged.
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The values of care in child care services

What is included in the value maintaining conifidentiality?

  • Information should be shared on a need-to-know basis.
  • Children's personal information should be kept secure in locked filing cabinets or should be  password protected if electronic.
  • Staff should not have conversations with children where they can be overheard, they should be discussed privately.

What is included in the value working with other professionals?

  • Practitioners may be required to work with other agencies such as a health visitor or social workers, information should be shared openly but sensitively.
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