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· Care workers must work in a way that shows
value and respect for service users.
· Maintaining confidentiality, promoting
equality and diversity and promoting
individual rights and beliefs are principles
that all care workers should use in their
work.…read more

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· Often in periods of stress or need, personal
information needs to be shared.
· In order to feel comfortable about discussing
private concerns a person needs to have
confidence that there is an emotional climate of
safety in which to do so.
· Information is therefore entrusted to the care
· A key principle in providing positive care
environments requires that permission is
needed before such information can be shared.
· Values of trust and confidence in the integrity of
the worker are therefore essential.
· Information should be seen in terms of the
property of the service user and violating
confidentiality can cause considerable damage to
people whose rights have been infringed.…read more

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· An example might be an older female
resident who tells a care worker that she was
not married when she had children.
· The next day a lady in the next chair leans
across and says, `I hear you had your
children when you were not married'.
· The care worker had clearly broken the
confidence for no good reason, and it is clear
that the person whose confidence has been
broken will be upset at the very least by this
loss of trust.…read more

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· The British Association of Social Workers
states that confidentiality is in essence
concerned with faith and trust and
acknowledges a direct relationship between
the principle of confidentiality and respect
for people.
· However confidentiality cannot be seen as
an absolute right and might at times conflict
with the equally valid rights of others to
protection.…read more

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· For instance, suppose that John, aged 84
years, says to his care worker that his son has
hit him but he does not want any action to
be taken.
· John does need protection, but the situation
is not straightforward because an adult does
have rights to choose what he or she wishes
to do.
· These are difficult issues surrounding the
limits of confidentiality and at times it is not
easy to balance the right of a vulnerable
individual to protection from harm.…read more

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