care values

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  • care values
    • duty of care
      • workers have a clear responsibilities of the users of their services and are accountable for the service they deliver
    • 3 care values; promoting equality and diversity.. promoting individual rights and beliefs.. maintain confidentiality
    • care workers
      • could apply equality and diversity by understanding and not showing prejudice, stereotype and labelling
        • understand and value beliefs of diversity
      • promote individual rights and beliefs; dignity treating them with respect. - safety and security being protected from harm
        • can apply; the right to be different i.e sexual orientation. freedom from discrimination e.g. not being singled out
      • can maintain confidentiality by not passing personal writing or oral information to anyone that doesnt need to know. workers shouldn't promise to maintain confidentiality as sometimes info. is a need to know basis
    • for early years setting
      • 1) welfare of the child. (2) safety of the child (3) providing a safe & healthy working environment (4) working with other professionals  (5)learning & development (6) valuing diversity (7) equal opportunity (8) the reflective practitioner (9) anti-discrimination(10) confidentiality


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