League of Nations - A Blow to the League

the blow to the League when America did not join

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Blow to the League of Nations

  • After planning and organising the League of Nations, Wilson had to get the approval of the Congress before America could join the League
  • However, joining the League was not a popular idea for the American people
  • The people, joined with Wilson’s political opponents put up a powerful opposition to the League
  • Wilson toured the USA trying to get people to change their minds but in 1919 when the Congress voted he was defeated – America would not be joining the League
  • Still he didn't give up as his party was convinced that if they didn't join the League international affairs would caused another war
  • In the 1920 election the Republican’s (the opposite party to Wilson's) campaigned for America to get back to normal which was a popular view for the Americans and they won by a landslide victory
  • So, in 1920 when the League began the USA were not there with them – they never joined the League
  • This was a blow to the League as without the power of America in the League it would be harder for the leading countries to control conflicting countries and stop another war from happening
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Why the Americans didn't want to join the League o

  • The League was linked to the Treaty of Versailles and many Americans disliked the Treaty as they were immigrants from Germany and other countries that lost the war, so they didn't want there home country to be treated how the Treaty was dealing with them. So in turn they disliked the League
  • Many people thought joining the League would harm America's economy as trade would be stopped to some countries as sanctions and they would be solving international problems no matter what the cost was
  • By sending troops to solve international problems the Americans thought it could lead to a repeat of the deaths from WW1 and they wanted the USA to stay out of this
  • Many people didn't like the British and French and there empires and ruling of other countries so they didn't want to be ruled by them by joining the League and be forced to defend there empires that the USA didn't think they should have
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