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How did Mussolini's invasion of Abyssinia damage the League?

The fatal blow to the League came when the Italian dictator Mussolini invaded
Abyssinia (now Ethiopia) in 1935. There were both similarities with and differences
from the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.
Like Japan,
Italy was a leading member of the League.…

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On 4 September, after eight months' deliberation, a committee reported to the League
that neither side could be held responsible for the trouble that led to the Italian
The League put forward a plan that would give Mussolini some of Abyssinia. Mussolini
rejected it.

Phase 2 ­ October 1935…

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Italy continued to defy the League's orders and by May 1936 had taken the capital of
Abyssinia, Addis Ababa. On 2 May, Haile Selassie was forced into exile. On 9 May,
Mussolini formally annexed the entire country. The League watched helplessly.
Collective security had been shown up as an empty…


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