German Reactions to the Treaty of Versailles

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  • German Reactions to the TOV
    • War Guilt and reparations
      • Clause 231, meant that Germany had to take blame for starting the war.
        • Germans particularly hated this, they felt at the very least blame should be shared
      • To  make things worse Germany was expected to pay for all the damage of the war as well.
        • This left the German economy in tatters and they feared that the reparations would cripple them
    • Disarmament
      • An army of 100,000 men for such a large country is extremely small
        • Making the people feel weak as the army was national pride
          • Making it worse Germany was the only country to do so.
    • German Territories
      • Germany lost 10% of its land, it was a huge blow to both Germany's pride and economy
        • The Saar Coal fields, and Upper Silesia were both important industrial zones
      • Making it worse Britain was gaining land by taking control of Germany's oversea territories
    • 14 points and the League of  Nations
      • The 14 points didn't seem to apply to Germany
        • Self-determination was given to other countries but not Germany
      • Germany felt further insulted by not being able to join the league
        • Then  Anschluss (partnership) with Austria was banned too.
    • German complaints fell on deaf ears, however many felt that Germany asked for double standard because they would've been much harder
    • Part of Germany's economic crisis was brought on by their selves
      • Instead of raising taxes the German Kaiser expected to pay for war by extracting reparations from defeated states


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