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Crowded Coasts

What are the characteristics of a crowded coast?

High population density.
Over developed settlement. No space for new development.
Water activity.
Trade on coast front.
A thriving economy.
Natural ecosystems can be destroyed or disrupted.
Excellent transport links.
Presence of coast defences (if there is need)…

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South West UK
County ­Dorset
Dorset's largest City

Rapid population growth
1815 ­ 695 People
2001 163,000 People
Reason not natural increase because the birth rate is lower than the death
rate because it has an aging population
Reason for rapid population growth is inward migration of old people over…

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Geotextile bags filled with sand, forces waves to break out at sea with greater
height ­ 4m high
Completed in 2008 cost - £1.4 million
Attracts 10,000 surfers a year
Surfers spend 8% more than other tourists
£10million earned annually

Southampton Waters

Form one of the UK's best natural harbours…

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Ecologically important-contains a large amount of species.
Economically important- bed for oyster and shellfish

Sewage-discharges 300 million litres of treated sewage waste. As the population
increases so does the amount of sewage. It can be dangerous if not treated.
Eutrophication-the artificial enrichment of water by sewage, fertilisers etc.
It causes…

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Reasons for support: Reasons for opposition:
+National need for more container capacity. -Threat to designated environmental areas.
+It is placed well for transatlantic container traffic. -More environmental damage would be necessary
+More jobs (e.g. short-term) and long-term when the to accommodate the container ships.
port is fully operational. -Risk of…

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Used where expensive sea walls aren't needed, ramp of rock or sand covered
with geotextile. On top concrete slabs are placed.
Waves loose energy going up the ramps
Usually rough to increase friction ­ reducing wave energy further
Rock Armour-(4)
Dissipates wave energy and absorbs water in its large holes…

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Fastest eroding coastline in Europe ­ avg, nearly 2m coastline eroded
each year
Since Roman times ­ 4km eroded and 29 villages lost

So, the coast is eroding ... and?
Coastal erosion has economic impacts
Management and protection is costly, continued erosion ­…

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Cliff-erosion processes
Two types:
o Cliff foot ­ caused by wave action at base ­ cause cliff to
undercut & collapse
Abrasion/Corrasion ­ waves pick-up sand, pebbles from
sea bed as they break they are hurled at cliff and chip
away at the base
Hydraulic Action ­ swashes trap air…

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o Built to protect gas terminal
o Absorbs wave energy using large air spaces between boulders
o Expensive and unattractive but long lasting
Sea walls at Withernsea
o Usually built at coastal resorts - either straight or recurved
Straight ­ reflect wave energy out to sea - form barrier to…

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Residents agree to demolish existing home & build home - no bigger
than previous one ­ in return ­ receive help with costs
Farm buildings and farm houses ­ can still be built in rural areas ­ must
be used for farming and not sold for other purposes

Integrated coastal…




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