Judaeo-Christian God

  • The concept of God as Creator 
  • The goodness of God 
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The concept of God as Creator

Genesis 1 

  • Creation of the world in 6 days
  • Account clearly shows that God pre-exists the creation of the world, and shows God's complete soveriegnity over the created order 
  • God created the world ex nihilo (out of nothing)

Genesis 2-3

  • The creation of Adam and Eve, and the 'fall' and eviction from the Garden on Eden
  • God is more involved in his creation 
  • The Lord God took man and put him in the garden of Eden to till it and keep it 
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Science and Religion 

  • matter could not have been brought into existence when there was no matter before

The problem of evil 

  • To say that God made the creation perfectly and it was 'ver good' does not explain the existence of evil, ugliness and less perfect forms such as disease and disibilities that we have direct and certain experience of in the world 

The second creation story 

  • Schleiermacher argued that evil could not have created itself out of ex nihilo from a perfect world. 
  • either the world was created perfect and god let it go wrong 
  • OR the world was created imperfect and evil and suffering already existed
  • In both cases God can be responsible for evil and suffering 
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The Goodness of God

The will of God 

  • the wil of god is required to make physical matter exist, he creates the components of the universe on his word, according to him whim: "let there be..." and there is 

God as an expert Builder 

  • God as a skilled craftsman - book of Job 

Unmoved or moved mover 

  • God is not unmoved - he knows his creation immediately 
  • the will to move comes from God - everything is attracted towards him 

Relationship with humanity 

Goodness of Creation

  •  everthing that has been created is good and purposeful 
  •  nothing exists by chance or is inferior of quality or bad 
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  • The Bible shows God's involvement in the world to be dynamic
  • The world was created through God's intelligent decision 
  • The world was created with purpose in mind, and God is closely involved in this purpose 
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