Plato's Demiougos


Background on Plato

  • Plato was a Greek Philosopher.
  • Born est. 427 BC
  • Died est. 347 BC
  • Student of Socrates.
  • Most commonly known for his ideas on the forms.
  • His most famous book was the republic although his ideas on the Demiourge were written in Timaeus.

The Demiurge

  • Humans possessed immortal souls, distinct from their bodies. (Dualism)
  • For Plato there is a distinct separation between the spiritual and the physical being.
  • Plato believes that pre-existing knowlege (A priori) possessed by the immortal human soul is the knowlege known to the supreme deity.
  • He calls this deity the Demiurge, or the Craftsman God.
  • He is a non intimate, non-imminant God.
  • He is the Embodiment of Logos.
  • He is why trees have a limit, and why the sea does not continue rising forever.
  • It easiest to see him as an Architect. Designing a perfect arrangement for the forms.
  • He gives it this name because he believes the Deity used the pre-existing knowlege of the forms to craft the world and it's beings from matter.


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