Judaeo-Christian: The concept of God as a creator

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  • Judaeo-Christian: The concept of God as a creator.
    • Presentation of God in the Bible.
      • Genesis 1: God created the world over six days.
      • Described as transcendent and existent.
      • The world is shown to owe its being to the divine action of a sovereign God.
      • God causes everything to exist, it exists by his command.
      • On the 6th day, he created man in 'his own image'. Climax of creation story.
      • World exists for mankind who God gave dominion to. Stewardship.
    • God as a craftsman.
      • Genesis 2-3
      • Making man from dust.
      • Job 28: God described as a designer who laid the foundations of the Earth.
      • God is responsible for everything existing.
    • Omnipotence, Omniscience and Omnipresence.
      • Omnipotence = God is all powerful, his power is seen through his creation.
      • Omniscience =  God is all knowing, he knows what is happening in his creation and has a limitless knowledge of the whole universe.
      • Omnipresence = God is present in his creation and sustains in its being.
    • 'creatio ex nihilo'
      • Christian teaching explaining how God created the world from nothing.
      • Not found in genesis but can be implied from God creating by his word.


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