Jobs in the Restaurant

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Restaurant manager

The restaurant manager is in charge of the restaurant. They are responsible for taking bookings, relaying information to the head chef, arranging training for staff, completing the rotas and ensures the restaurant runs smoothly. As well as this they are in charge of hiring and firing, ordering the equipment, checking orders for quantity and quality,health, safety and hygiene, greeting customers/customer service and dealing with complaints.

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Head waiter/waitress

The head waiter or waitress is second in charge of the restaurant so they have similar roles to the restaurant manager. They meet, greet and seat customers, relay information on to staff and may also deal with complaints.

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Wine waiter/ress

The wine waiter/ress are also known as the 'Sommelier' who are responsible for helping customers select wine. They also serve wine and other alcoholic drinks to customers.

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Waiting staff

Waiting staff serve the customers, clear the tables and ensure customers are satisfied with the service they are receiving.

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Maintenance Officer

The Maintenance officer completes any repairs 'in house' and organises for special maintenance staff to come in when it is required.

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