Job roles

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  • Job roles
    • Management and administration
      • Manager
        • In charge of day-to-day running
        • Responsible for making profit
        • Organises every area
      • Assistant manager
        • Responsible to the manager
        • Assigned work by manager
        • In charge as manager is absent
    • Food service and drink
      • Restaurant manager
        • In charge of restaurant
        • Takes bookings
        • Relays information to the head chef
        • Arrange staff training
      • Head waiter/ess
        • Second in charge of the restaurant
        • 'Greet & Seat' customers
        • Deal with complaints
        • Informs staff of updates and changes
      • Wine waiter/ess
        • Help advise customers on the appropriate wine to match their meal
        • Serve wine and other alcoholic drinks
      • Waiting staff
        • Serve customers
        • Clean tables
        • Check up on customers, akin if their meal is alright
    • Food service
      • Head Chef
        • In charge of kitchen
        • In charge of menu creating
        • In charge of punching equipment and food
        • In charge of costing
        • In charge of staff rota
        • Checks hygiene on regular basis
      • Sous Chef
        • As the head chef is mainly in his/her office, the sous chef is left mainly in charge of food production
        • Mainly supervising other staff, trainees
        • One of the most experienced chefs
      • Pastissier  (pastry chef)
        • Prepares pastrys
        • Prepares desserts
      • Garde manager (larder chef)
        • In charge of cold foods
        • In charge of buffet items
      • Saucier (sauce chef)
        • Prepares sauces
        • Prepares stews
        • Prepares hot hors d'oeuvres
        • Sautés food to order
      • Entremetier (Vegetable chef)
        • Prepares vegetables
        • Prepares soups
        • Prepares starches and eggs
      • Commis chef
        • Helps in all areas of the kitchen
        • Does easier tasks
        • Normally a trainee, so unskilled
      • Kitchen porters
        • Clean pots
        • Carries stuff to and from the store room


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