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In charge of the whole company and is responsible for profit being made. Ensures each sector is working properly for success.
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Assistant Manager
Larger companies may employ these. These help the manager and take over them when they are away.
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Head Chef
Manager of kitchen. They ensure the quality of food is acceptable and they also plan the menu, buy the ingredients and manage costings. They are also in charge of hiring and training chefs.
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Sous Chef
Assistant to head chef and are in charge of day -to-day running of the kitchen. They help with cooking and manage the other chefs for high standard.
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Sauce Chef
Prepares sauces, appetisers and stews. They also saute food and this station is classed as the most senior station of all.
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Larder Chef
Prepares cold foods, such as salads, pates, cold meats, small meals/appetisers and buffet items.
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Pastry Chef
The pastry chef makes pastries, desserts and bread. They sometimes manage the dessert menu.
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Vegetable Chef
Prepares soups and dishes with vegetables or eggs. Some establishments split the roles of a vegetable chef with other people such as soup chefs.
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Assistant (Commis) Chef
Assistant chefs are usually training to become a chef. They assist by doing easy tasks and work with various chefs to improve their skills.
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Restaurant Manager
In charge of the seating area, AKA 'front of house'. Responsible for standard of service, taking bookings, hiring new service staff and health/safety in restaurant. Often they work with head chef.
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Head Waiter
Responsible for meeting and greeting customers and seating them. They are also in charge of organising/training the waiting staff. Sometimes they handle customer complaints.
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Wine Waiter
Helps the customer choose the wine they would like to drink. They are responsible for serving the drinks and knowing which wines compliment which meals and they often choose which wines will be purchased.
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Waiting Staff
Set tables, take orders, serve the customers food, top up drinks, prepare the bill and clean tables.
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Full-Time Staff
Permanent job and work all year round. They have to sign a contract, and work a fixed number of hours each week.
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Part-Time Staff
Work for fewer hours in the week than full time, normally they have a permanent job and sign a contract. Often working at busy times such as evenings/weekends.
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Casual Staff
Employed for specific functions or at busy periods (EG. summer hols). They can be avaliable at short notice, they dont work a fixed number of hours, and are only paid for the hours they work.
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Assistant Manager


Larger companies may employ these. These help the manager and take over them when they are away.

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Head Chef


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Sous Chef


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Sauce Chef


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