Islam 1 OCR GCSE

Some key words.

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Key words

Tawhid: The belief that God is one, the oneness of God.

Akhirah: Life after death

Shahadah: The muslim declaration of faith (there is no God but Allah, Muhammad (pbuh) is his messenger)

Salah: Five daily prayers

Zakah: Donating 2.5% of annual savings to charity, obligatory to those who can. Distributes wealth more fairly.

Sawm: Fasting during the holy month of Ramadan.

Hajj: The greater pilgrimage, obligatory for those who can afford it and those who are physically able to do so.

Umrah: The lesser pilgrimage, not obligatory but recommended.

Ummah: Muslim brotherhood.

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You said salat. It's salah.



You said salat. It's salah.

izzah asif


some people say salat some say salah



Its salaah, that's the arabic word.

Salaat is not an arabic word rather an urdu word.

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