Is it ever right to fight?


Conflict, violence and war

War and peace are not easy to define

War = a violent conflict between groups of people or nations.

Peace= normally the absence of war, but it can mean much more than that!

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In any friendship or relationship between people, there are many interests to be considered. To have a good relationship, everyone needs to work at it.

Dealing with tensions and situations is not easy, but religions can have guidelines to help people.

A positive approach to harmony is normally the best way, rather than an retaliation.

This is the same manner that religions expect disputes to be sorted out in, with everyone's needs considered as well as being good for the whole community.

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  • Peace is about being happy and contended within.
  • Finding your inner peace
  • Religious people say that their religion brings them closer to peace.
  • Religious people wish for world peace.
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Causes of War

  • Power
  • territory
  • Trade
  • Economics
  • Self-defence
  • Religious Difference
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Some people would argue that religion is a cause of war.

There have been clashes between Roman Catholics and Protestants in Northern Ireland.

Such situations are not directly from religion but also politics, and arguments over rights and prejudice.

Most religions teach that war is wrong, unless you can stop something drastic from happening.

Sacred texts and teachings will help when dealing with conflict, though believers in the same traditions disagree on some points.

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