Eleanor Roosevelt and the UDHR

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  • Eleanor Roosevelt and the UDHR
    • Human Rights
      • The dictionary defines a human right as 'a right which is believed to belong to every person.'
      • Divided into three different kinds of rights.
        • Constitutional rights
        • Statutory rghts
        • Constitutional rights
      • As of 2005 a Human Rights Council was created by the Un, to evaluate when these are being degraded.
      • Many non-government organisations also try to fight for people's human rights...
        • Amnesty International.
        • Human Rights Watch.
    • Impacts
      • Although these are not laws, many countries have include some of, if not all of, the UDHR in their laws.
      • These laws help prevent tyrants llike Hitler from ever taking power and committing horrific crimes again.
    • What the UDHR layed out
      • In this role she helped to write the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
        • She also served as the chair of the UN's Human Rights Commission. As a member of the Human Rights Commission,
      • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, was established in 1948 by the UN general assembly.
      • The UDHR set up pieces of legislation that defined a list of basic human rights, and how they can be met.
      • Some of these include...
        • Freedom from Slavery
        • Right to Education
        • Freedom from Interference with Privacy, Family, Home and Correspondence
        • Freedom of Opinion and Information
      • Created in the wake of Hitler's genocide.


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