Youth Sport Trust

The Youth Sport Trust:

this is a charity that helps children to learn and develop through PE. These involve Tops Programmes and Active Kids.

Tops Programmes:

A range of programmes to encourage kids of all ages to get into sport.

They supply learning resources and equipment to school, helping kids to develop sport related skills as well as leadership and teamwork skills.

Active Kids:

A programme that involves collecting vouchers from supermarkets.

Vouchers are donated to schools to buy sports equiptment and coaching sessions.

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Sports England

Sports England:

This was introduced to make England an active and successful sporting nation.

Tries to get all ages involed in sport and encourage talented individuals and give them the opportunities to compete at a higher level.

Start- increase participation in sport.

Stay- keep people doing the sports by having good facilities.

Succeed- achieve sporting success at every level

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PE School Sport and Club Links:

The national curriculum sets out the minimum amount of PE that all schools have to teach.

Schools also offer examination courses, extra curricular activities and various other awards.

PESSCL is a government strategy aimed at getting 5-16 year olds to do at least 2 hours of PE every week.

PESSCL survey:

Survey for primary school children.

Monitors how many children go to school clubs.

Helps secondary schools prepare for popular clubs.

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School sports co-ordinator:

Partnership of secondary school.

There are lots of secondary school feeders in charge of a few primary schools.

They teach primary schools sports to prepare them for secondary school.

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