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Sport England - Who are they

  • Set up by the government to help to provide increased oppurtunities for participation in physical activity
  • They have four main roles
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Sport England - Funding


Between 2012-2017 Sport England will invest £1 billion of National Lottery and Exchequer funding in various organisations and projects such as:

  • NGBs recived £120 million
  • Inspired grants have had £10 million in, these are grants for individuals or groups to set up new facilities or funding 
  • Protecting playing fields have recived £3 million
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Sport England - Facilities

Sport England plans for a and provides a wide range of facilities for now and in the future, they do this by looking after playing fields in communities and schools and they modernise older facilities to raise standards.

They also have grants available for facilities.

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Sport England - Measuring participation levels

Sport England carrie out surveys and research in order to track its progress of its aim to grow and sustain participation in sport. They do this with Active People Surveys and these help to show the trends in sport and physical activity in the UK by asking what physical activity they do and how often, they help show which groups of people need to have more encouragement and sport provided.

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Sport England - Priority Groups

"Helping people and comunities across the country create a sporting habit for life"

They want to encourgae physical activity as a life long activity, they do this by:

  • Giving oppurtunites so specific groups such as young people
  • Give Sport A Go inititive
  • There are 19 sporting segments - disabled, women and certain ethnic groups
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Youth Sport Trust

They are an independant charity devoted to changing young peoples lives through sport at school and in the communtity.

Their main aim is to provide high quality physical education and sport opportuntitues, they do this by:

  • Providing competitions - Sainsburys School Games
  • Leadership - Young Ambassadors
  • Volunteering - Step into Sport Volunteer Passport
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Dames Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust

Dames Kelly Holmes Legacy Trust was set up in 2008 by the olympic athlete Dame Kelly Holmes as she deciced she wanted to help young and disadvantaged children to get involved in sport by:

Elite Sport Role Models (champions) are a group of elite athletes which go into differnt schools and communities and they help to encourage and inspire young people

Young people - they provide lots of programs to help Get Lives on Track by giving people mentors and projects to handle

There are also lots of other projects like:

  • Get on Track
  • Sport for Change
  • Aspiring Minds
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