repiratory system

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  • The respiratory system
    • Jobs
      • Take in oxygen
      • Remove products such as CO2
    • Tidal volume
      • Amount of air inspired and expired with each normal breath at during exercise
    • Vital capacity
      • Greatest amount of air that can pass in and out of the lungs.
    • Oxygen debt
      • Amount of oxygen consumed during recovery.
        • Oxygen debt
          • During anaerobic exercises
    • Immediate effects of exercise:
      • Breathing quickens and deepens
        • Oxygen uptake is in the alveoli
      • Oxygen debt
        • During anaerobic exercises
    • Oxygen gets into the blood stream via the capillaries around the alveoli.
    • Long term effects
      • Improved efficiency of the lungs
      • Increased number of blood vessels
      • More alveoli
      • CO2 removed more quickly


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