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notes about claude monet paul klee thomas burberry and emilio pucci di barsento

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Emilio Pucci di Barsento

1914-Born in Italy, studied at Milan University for two yrs. and finished in the USA.

Brave - Italian air Force in WW11

Doctorate - Poltical Science

1947-Toni Frissel photographed Pucci in Harper's Bazaar,

exapanded business - clothes hit New York Stores

1949-Created "Capri Pants" - INSTANT HIT

1950-Light Dresses made from silk

silk jerseys loved by females - "hippie"

Designed - scarves, pyjamas, stewardmess uniform, "bubble helmet"- protects stewards from rain made from plastic.

Designes- three birds sign of applo 15

1992- died

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Thomas Burberry

1856-21 years old draper's apprentice opened a shop in Basingstoke,Hampshire,London.

1870- earned the name "Burberry" due to the cause of good quality shop-"emporioum"

1880- "Gabardine"-beathable, weatherproof, tearproof material was developed

1891-Trading as Thomas Burberry & Sons and opened a shop in Westend of London 30 Haymarket.

1895-"Tielocken" a trench coat adopted by Brtish Officers in the Boar War

1901-Equastrian Knight Trademark and Latin word "Prosum" - forward

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Thomas Burberry 2

1911-Norwegain explorer Captain Roald Amundsen 1st mantoreachtheSouth Pole

1914-New trench coatwithepaullettes and "D" rings-combatrequirements for thewar office.

1920-Check was a registered Trademarkand it was in thelining of the trench coat.

1955-royal warrant from Queen Elizibeth II

1989-2nd royal warrant- HRH Prince of Wales

2006-Established for 150 years.

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Claude Monet

1840-Born in Paris

1845- Family moved to Le Havre North coast of France - introduced to outdoor painting.

1859- Moved Back to Paris worked in the Academie Suisse and the Gleyre Studio.

A New generation of Painters - Renoir, Sisley, Cezanne -friends

1870- Fled to London avoid conscription into the army and painted his first London scenes then.

1872-Set up a house in Argenteuil on the River Seine

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Claude Monet 2

One of paintings"Impression Sunrise"gave him and his friend the name ofimpressionist.

TravelledtoFrenchandItalian RiverasandNormandy and th Atlantic CoastofFrance.

1890-SettledinGiverny builtalarge water garden.

1891-Began to paintHaystack seriesandRouen Catherdal-toobservetransfromation of subject under changing light condition.

Colour, Tone and Textureare importantvisual elementsin his work

1921-Painted the water lily series and presented to the state

sight had failed contined to paint unitl

1926-when he died

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Paul Klee

1879-Born in Switzerland

1901-Went to Italy he was influenced by Michealangelo's work

1914-Went to Tunisia influenced him in colour and tone.

Pattern , shape line and colour - important visual elements.

1911-He met Kandisky and other artist of the "Blue Rider Group"

After WWI-Began painting then he had major exhibition

Join1920-ed the Bahuas became master in glass workshop and taught for ten years there.

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Paul Klee 2

1931-Lefttot take up thepost the Dusseldorf Academy.

liked simple paintings especially chilren's art.

1932-His work wasattacked by the Nazisand leftGermany and went to Switzerland

Klee suffered from Depression

1937-Resumed his work again.

InGermanyhis work wasexhibited in the "exhibition of degenerate art"

and102 paintings were confiscated from public collections

1940-Klee was admited to a clinic and died there.

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