How to analyse artists' work

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1. Brief biographical details about the artist born? died? Nationality?
2. Place the artist in art historical context ­ member of any art movement?
3. Examples of artworks ­get good copies, include dates, dimensions, media
4. How was the artwork produced ­ media, technique, process.
5. What was the artist's intention. Include quotations by the artist.
6. What or who had influenced this artist's approach?
1. Give a detailed description of the artwork.
2. Analyse ­ comment upon imagery, colour, composition, tone, line, media,
technique, scale, etc.
1. Avoid simple value judgements (`I really like/dislike...') or vague, meaningless
statements ('This piece is really effective'). Instead comment upon how successful
or unsuccessful you find the artwork, in terms of the artist's intentions (and why).
2. What is the relationship between this work and your own. Identify and articulate
connections between this artist's work and your own.
1. It is important to also include your own visual responses to artists' work. This can
either be a copy of an artwork (or a detail of a work) with the purpose of analysing
technique a diagram or study that investigates certain formal elements of the
artwork (composition, brushwork) or a piece of your own work that clearly uses
some of the techniques, methods or aspects of this artist's work.

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