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The Bauhaus Era:
· In 1919, German architect Walter Gropius Founded a
school for art, design and architecture, called Bauhaus.
· It aimed to `reimagine the material world to reflect the
unity of all the arts.'
· It also wanted to allow the design of esthetical products
that could still be mass produced.
· Walter attempted to unite workmen from different fields
to combine their skills and make them able to design
luxury, but everyday furniture.…read more

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Examples:…read more

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Key Features of the Bauhaus
· Functional
· Fairly inexpensive
· Simplistic
· Modern
· Bulk produced
· A vast range of materials was used.…read more

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The Memphis Era:
· Etore Stotass held a meeting for designers to create a new
· The Era is named after Bob Dylan's song, Stuck Inside of
Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again, which played
repeatedly during their meeting.
· It was a combination between pop art, kitsch, and art deco
· At first, their design was seen as bissare and odd, until
recently.…read more

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Examples:…read more

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