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  • Training
    • FITT
      • T- time
        • how long you train for
      • I- intensity
        • how hard you train
      • T- type
        • which training method to use to target the type of fitness or part of sports performance that needs improvising
      • F- frequency
        • how often you train per week.
    • principles of training
      • specificity
        • Pick things that are relevant to the sport your training
      • individual differences/ needs
        • Its designed for each ones individual differences
      • Variation
        • To do different things
      • Rest and Recovery
        • If you have hurt you knew make your activity safer for your injury. Rest allows muscles to recover
      • Progressive overload
        • making the training difficult as you get better
      • adaptation
        • are bodies will change and then we need to make if harder.
      • Reversibility
        • If you train for 10 weeks then stop you will go backwards to progress again.


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