Industrial Production

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Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Computer Aided Design (CAD) 

  • desk research
  • carrying out and analysing data
  • designing packaging and labels 


  • gives greater accuracy 
  • gives a professional finish
  • allows certain tasks to be completed quickly 
  • design can be easily changed - graphics and colours can be modelled 
  • can be sent quickly by email - manufacturing stage 
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Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM)

Computer Aided Manufacture (CAM) 

using computers to control machinery during food production 


  • saves time 
  • standardises production 
  • increases productivity 
  • increase reliability of finished products 
  • monitors the production system 
  • reduces need for storage 
  • increases safety 
  • high standard of packaging can be produced and maintained 
  • data handling can deal with large amount of information 
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Monitoring commercial food production

  • High acidic levels - e.g. fruits 
    • cause mixtures to curdle 
    • e.g. lemon juice is added before a sauce is made - milk would curdle 
  • Low acidic levels - e.g. milk 
    • need to have acidic levels raised - ensure smooth texture 
    • e.g. yogurt 

Computer sensors monitor food:

  • production rate 
  • weight
  • metal detection
  • flow rates 
  • moisture content 
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Monitoring commercial food production 2

Computers assist in monitoring and control of foods:

  • sorting and grading of raw materials
  • the weight of the product before packaging
  • seals on packaging
  • bacterial content of products 

Computers affect workforce:

  • staff would need training on how to operate equipment 
  • reduction of number of people employed
  • engineers required
  • jobs could become monotonous and boring 
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Job/Craft Production

+ an individual or unique finished product

+ a high-quality product 

- skilled staff required

- can take a long time to manufacture - more processes - carried out by hand 

- can be expensive 

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Batch Production

+ small orders

+ raw materials and components - purchased in bulk - reduce cost 

+ more products can be made at the same time - reduce cost 

- waste can be high is process fails 

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Mass Production

+ specialised equipment carries out tasks 

+ orders met very efficiently and quickly 

+ low worker to product ratio 

- maintenance needs to be very thorough 

- initial setup cost is high - specialised equipment 

- tasks carried out by workers can be repetitive and boring 

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Continuous Flow Production

+ high-quality product 

+ orders can be met quickly and efficiently 

+ small workforce needed 

+ consistent product produced 

+ raw materials and components - bought in bulk - reduce cost 

- maintenance needs to be very thorough - breakdown = expensive

- initial setup cost is high - specialised equipment needed 

- tasks are repetitive and boring for workforce 

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Quality Assurance and Control

Quality Assurance - A system which lays down procedures for making a safe, quality product 

  • specification checks
  • hygiene procedures 
  • monitoring waste
  • sensory waste 

Quality Control - a way of checking the quality of a product during or at the end of the production system

includes the critical control points in HACCP 

makes sure product meets specification 

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  • nano-emulsions - create double emulsions - improve texture of sauces 
  • nano food synthesisers - create or alter food molecules 
  • nono-capsule protection - fortifying nutrients to our body - slowly released - release controlled flavour in a drink 
  • nono-sensors - detect changes in pH, temperature or pathogens 
  • nano-bots - mini robots that destroy microbes 
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