Food technology

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  • Standard components
    • What are standard components?
      • A standard Component is a pre-prepared item/ingredient that is used in the production of another product.
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      • In the food industry manufacturers buy standard components from other food manufacturers.
      • examples of standard components include.
        • pizza bases
        • ready-to-roll icing
        • stock cubes
        • sauces for pasta
        • ready made pastry
        • fruit filling for pies
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      • using standard components ensures...
        • A standard shape of a product e.g. buying a pastry case to make a flan
        • A standard size or weight, e.g. using a pizza base.
        • Accurate proportion and ratio, e.g. packet sauce mix to make a cheese sauce
    • Why do manufacturers use standard components?
      • As well as saving time and costs, using a standard component can ensure a consistent product is produced.
      • If a manufacturer is to use a standard component from another supplier it is essential that a precise and accurate specification is produced
      • Before deciding to use a standard component that manufacturer will check...
        • Wether the product uses any additives, e.g. artificial colours and flavourings
        • The nutritional profile of a product, e.g. salt and saturated fat content


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