Impact of Industrial Revolution on Rural Peasants

1800 (A SHIRT)

1900 (PANTS)


1800- 1850

Lifestyle quality decreases

A= Acceptance- loss of traditional sporting passtimes

S= Space- Loss of space due to urbanisation

H= Health- Overcrowding/ pollution/ 72 hour week of work/ cholera

I= Independance/ Income- Free from lord of village but replaced with factory forman/ low wages

R= Rights- Police force/ RSPCA/ increased law and order

T= Time- Switched from seasonal time to machine time

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Lifestyle quality increase

P= Public Baths- 1p entrance/ clean working class

A= Acts of Parliment- 1847 wash house act/ child labour act/ education act

N= Newspapers/ NGB's- literate/ rules

T= trains/ Time- travel to play against teams/ saturday half day/ reduced working hours

S= Social class- Emergance of middle class

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