I.C.T communications technologies and there facilities b

here is a set of notes created from a recent i.t. class

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Telephone Systems

telephone systems have many different facilities that make it useful to business within the i.t. course.

Ringback - Is a facility which is used when someone is currently on the phone a tone is the heard on the receiving end to notify that someone is trying to get through. the user then presses number 5 and hangs up the phone therefore once the recipient is free and off the phone both phones ring and the people get to talk to each other.

Call ID - is a facility whereby the when a call is made the number of the person calling is displayed upon the recipients phone. this allows the phone to be screened or even witheld if the recipient does not wish to talk to him.

Call barring - is selecting a specifc telephone number that all calls to this number are blocked so that this person cannot call this number. this can be good if there is harrasement from that number.

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call holding - is a facility by where calls are held when a person is on the phone and they are held while the recipient deals with the calls.

assigned ring tones (yeah its true) - is a facility by which people could assign ringtones to specific person.

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