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17/09/2009 The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Module 1
Future Developments in ICT & Emerging Technologies
Part 1: Emerging Technologies
Emerging technologies are those developments in technology that are likely to shape the
future. These include:
Bluetooth ­ Wireless System, Links devices, Printers, Phones, Headsets, Digital
Blackberry ­ smaller than laptop, small full keyboard, Multi-functional PDA.
Cognitive Science
Mobile Phone ­ touch screen
Nano technology ­ much smaller devices, huge storage in small space, flexible
Mobile Working
ICT can be used extensively to work more flexibly, including working while on the move (on
planes, trains) etc. People can work from remote locations, using mobile devices
The way of doing business has changed since:
Business can be done anywhere, anytime ­ online, using internet as a medium
Business need to cope with different time zones ­ using mobile devices, it is much
easier to do business internationally.
Workers have more flexibility and can be more productive. Tele-working allows for
wider pool of employees;
Faster systems provide more efficient service for customer;
There has been a considerable recent development in devices for remote and mobile
A PDA acts as an electronic organiser
A smart-phone combines the functions provided by a mobile phone and a PDA
Portable Internet devices combine the probably of a smart phone with the
functionality of a PC.

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Bluetooth is the standard for sending data wirelessly between devices. Bluetooth headsets
wirelessly connect a mobile phone to an ear piece and the offer hands-free solution.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
By understanding how the mid works, scientists can build computers, which be have in a
similar way.
Biotechnology seems to turn aspects of biology ­ such as genetics, molecular biology,
biochemistry, embryology and cell biology into useful forms of ICT.
A Robot is a mechanical device that can be programmed to perform on its own certain
semi-intelligent functions. A robot can sense its environment, make decisions and carry out
actions.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Novel User Interface
For devices to be mobile they need to be small ­ but using a small keyboard is not easy.
Instead of using a small keyboard, touch screen technology could be used, which allows the
screen to be made as large as possible because it can take up space, as convenient for the
user ­ such as in an Apple iPhone.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
But the use of this database has caused many privacy problems as the government would
like the scheme to be extended further so that everyone has their DNA samples, which has
become controversial issue.
Facial recognition is typically used in security systems can be compared to other Biometric
methods such as finger-print or eye iris recognition systems.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Opportunity to work from home ­ tele-working has enabled more computer-literate
people to work from home.
Increased Unemployment ­ Although many new IT ­ related replace less skilled jobs,
there is no doubt that jobs created are fewer than those last.
The need to update skills ­ because of the pace of change in the technology, the
nature of jobs changes and this necessitates staff-retraining or updating their new
skills.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
Improvement in health and life expectancy ­ use or ICT ­ controlled scanners can prevent
serious illness. More intelligent systems in home, improving quality of life, such as robotic
cleaning devices, lawn mowers, microwaves, digital radios and televisions etc.
Effect of ICT on Society (Negative aspects)
These days' people generally do their shopping online, using internet as a medium, so the
city centres have become deserted / isolated and traditional shops have closed down.…read more

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The Use of ICT in the Digital World
facilities, during the organisation's time; movements and actions can now be tracked,
mobile phone, CCTV; ISP also logs the internet access.
Economic Issues ­ highly skilled workforce, who are professionally trained to use the
new ICT systems. Companies are encouraged to invest in research and development
and to take risks. Government supports investment by providing research grants,
where new developments cash flow.
Cultural Issues ­ significant change in our entertainment; ICT encourages
globalisation; social networking sites, chartrooms.…read more


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