HS201 - Durkheim

establishing the science of sociology

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Comte's 2-fold division of sociology

1) social statistics

- at each moment in history, individuals and groups are joined to one another in particular ways (social cohesion)

- influenced durkheim's concept of solidarity

2) social dynamics

- social evolution

- Durkheim's theory of social change: one form of solidarity to another

- Durkheim is against the unilinear conception of social evolution; past events are not full determining, society can be developed in more than one way

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  • views social evolution as part of the general natural evolution
  • increasing differentiation & specialisation
  • increased D.O.L --> mutual dependence
  • Libertarian position of politics
  • Durkheim is against Spencer's individualistic approach [due to his understanding of psychology]
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Primary Task of Sociology

  • is determined from psychology
  • cannot be reduced to individual consciousness
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Difference between sociology and psychology

"individual consciousness, by associating themselves in a stable way, reveal through their interrelationships, a new life very different from that which would have developed had they remained uncombined, this is social life"

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